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      This Multi-language Mobile App platform 'FARMS- Farm Machinery Solutions' will facilitate local farmers and citizens of the different States across the country with the Custom hiring services of Farm Machinery Banks, Custom Hiring Centers and Hi-tech Hubs established under the various Schemes of DAC&FW, MoA&FW without any computer support system. This app will help the individual farmers, willing to provide their agricultural machinery & equipments on rental basis to increase their farm income beside making the optimum utilization of the available Agricultural machineries available in CHCs/FMBs/Hi-tech Machinery Hubs. This app will provide a platform for sell and purchase of old agriculture machinery to farmers also.

Note : This report's count has 24 hours before.

Mountain View 1.Category Wise CHCs Registered Pie
Mountain View 2.State Wise Number Of CHCs Registered Bar
Mountain View 3.Number Of CHCs Implements for Hiring Bar

Mountain View 4.Implements Booking Pie
Mountain View 5.State Wise Implements Booking Bar

Mountain View 6.Sales & Purchase of Implements Pie
(From 9 Sep 2019)
Mountain View 7.State Wise Sales & Purchase of Implements Bar
(From 9 Sep 2019)
State Wise - Status
# State/UT Total No.
of Farmers / Users
No. of CHC
No. of
for Hiring
{{$index+1}} {{x.StateName}} {{x.TotalFarmerReg}} {{x.TotalCHC}} {{x.TotalImp}}
Total {{StateTotalFarmerReg}} {{StateTotalCHC}} {{StateTotalImp}}
State Wise - Status of Implement Hiring
# State/UT No of unique farmers No of request generated for implement hiring
{{$index+1}}  {{x.StateName}} {{x.NoOfUserRequestedForBooking}} {{x.TotalImplementBooking}}
Total {{TotalImplBookingStateList1}} {{TotalImplBookingStateList2}}
State Wise - Status of Sale and Purchase
# State/UT No. of Sellers No. of Implements for Sale
{{$index+1}} {{x.StateName}} {{x.NoofuserswanttosellingImplements}} {{x.NoofImplementsforSale}}
Total {{TotalImplSalesPurchaseStateList1}} {{TotalImplSalesPurchaseStateList2}}